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Fossil Plant

Lepidodendron (Scale Tree) Fossil - Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Period


Fossil Plant Leaf Green River Formation Wyoming Post Dinosaur Era Eocene #2237


Nice 3 inch NEUROPTERIS frond Mazon Creek Plant fossil N0011


Very rare ! Carboniferous namurian fossil plant fern Sphenopteris praecedens !!!


Fossil plant Lepidodendron lycopodioides young Lycopod leafy twigs !


Fossil Monocot Plant Stem and Leaves Green River Formation Wyoming Eocene


Rare pre dinosaur fossil plant fern Sphenopteris delavali Zeiller


Nice fossil plant fern frond with perfect preserved venation N. densifolia !


Very Rare classic fossil plant pyritized fern with perfectly preserved venation


Classic lycopod pre dinosaur fossil plant species Lepidodendron lycopodioides


Rare beautiful fossil plant unknown Lycopod Ulodendron? cone unusual tear shape


Rare Namurian guide fossil plant Neropteris rarinervis Medullosean seed fern


Older Sigillaria species elegans classic extinct lycopod fossil plant


Calassic coal age fossil plant arborescent lycopod Lepidodendron obovatum !


Beautiful Lepidodendron fossil cone Lepidostrobus pre dinosaur fossil plant


Highly Detailed Cedrelospermum Nervosum Fossil Plant Leaf 56 Million Years Old


Fossil Plant big rare Sigillaria micaudi extinct lycopod pre dinosaur fossil !


Interesting fossil plant Myriophyllites extinct horsetail Calamite rootless


Fossil Plant Rare 3D Alethopteris serli rarerly perfect preserved venation !


Rare fossil plant Calamostachys pre dinosaur fossils Calamite cone !


Huge Lepidodendron (Scale Tree) Fossil - Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Period


Rare pre dinosaur fossil plant fern Boweria schatzlarensis Stur in siderite !


IMPRESSIVE beautiful 5 inch NEUROPTERIS Mazon Creek Plant fossil N0010


Fossil Plant Very nice classic coal age fern with nicely preserved tip of leaf !


Fossil Plant Sphenopteris pecopteroides - Rare Sphenopteris like a pecopteris !


Rare Sphenopteris coemansi pre dinosaur fossil plant coal age extinct seed fern


Rare pyritized 3D fossil plant fern with seed preserved perfect venation !


Extremely rare unusually big primitive Namurian fossil Rhodeopteridium launoiti


Fossil plant Calassic coal age arborescent lycopod Lepidodendron aculeatum !


Very rare primitive leaflets namurian fossil plant fern Sphenopteris subsouichi


Fossil plant pyritized imprint of classic coal age Calamites extinct horsetail


Very Rare detailed fertile fossil fern with preserved spores & sporangia on it !


Rare European fossil fern - beautiful Pennsylvanian pre jurassic fossil plant !


Ginkgo fossil plant Carboniferous oldest know ginkgophyte Big fossil leaf


Extremely RARE paleozoic fossils plant - primitive Namurian Rhodeopteridium !


Nice big Lepidodendron cone Lepidostrobus - pre dinosaur fossil plant !




Coal age ivy fossil growing from partially pyritized liana like climber stem !